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Those monsters that maintained you up during the night as a kid, those that made you pull the hides to your chin when you stared in to the dark sides and found shadows move, or drawn the blankets over your mind and imagined creatures inching across your bedroom.... Well, they're real. The Organization, as it's called, is tasked with keeping the nightmares of myth and tale from invading the general public eyesight. The group must be maintained a secret along with the idea that the creatures can be found. As civilization expands its limitations, that executing becomes more challenging. A very few are picked to stand on the lines between humankind and the horrors lurking at night recesses of the world. Follow Jack Walker and Red Team as they're drawn in to the shadows to beat creatures that once maintained them awake during the night.

Category: Horror



John O'Brien







John O'Brien

6 reviews for "Red Team: Strigoi" AudioBook

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    Robert Barrow

    THANKS! I will enjoy it while commuting to work

  2. avatar2

    Julian Parker

    I'm very happy to have found it. I will start listening it this weekend :)

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    How can I download it? I can't find it :S

  4. avatar4

    John Coleman

    Downloading it is really easy but you have to register, that is a bit annoying...

  5. avatar5

    Stella Myers

    I liked this audiobook a lot! I totally recommend it!

  6. avatar6


    I bought the book but lost it when I moved. I wanted to go through it, but I did not want to pay again, having it on audio is great, thanks!

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